Parishes involved in the second wave (Block 2) of the Legacy of Hope diocesan capital campaign are now in the commitment phase. This is the time in the campaign when parishioners are asked to affirm their support for Legacy of Hope by returning their pledge card to their individual parish or to the diocese.

Some $11.1 million in pledges have been received so far, according to Jose De Jesus, vice president of Guidance In Giving, the campaign consultants. Legacy is hoping to generate $32 million in endowments for parishes, retired priests, Catholic education assistance, evangelization and charitable outreach efforts and structural repairs for St. Paul Cathedral.

For the past few weeks, families have been invited to participate in small-group gatherings at their parish to learn about the positive impact Legacy of Hope can have throughout the diocese. Lay leaders have spoken from pulpits and given personal witness to the importance of this historic campaign both for the present and for the future.

Thousands of faithful Catholics have viewed the Legacy of Hope campaign video ( as one of the main educational tools for this effort.

Pastors have engaged parishioners in discerning their support for Legacy of Hope especially since 40 percent of the funds raised will go toward supporting the medical needs of our retired priests in the Diocese of Worcester.

Commitment weekends throughout November are a time of hopeful excitement because they provide an opportunity for Catholics involved in the Legacy of Hope campaign to demonstrate their support, campaign organizers noted. Forty percent of the funds collected will be returned to parishes to be used for the parish’s own needs.

“We are grateful to the early donors who have led the way by making leadership gifts and helping to set the foundation.  We ask all parishioners to keep the Legacy of Hope campaign in prayer, especially during this time of commitment for Block 2 parishes,” said Michael Gillespie, director of the Office of Stewardship and Development.

“May God continue to inspire support for the mission of Legacy of Hope through the sacrifices of our pastors, priests, religious and lay people of our diocese,” he said.