Parishes talk about need for Legacy of Hope

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By Susan Bailey | CFP Correspondent “We have inherited a legacy of faith from our ancestors; now it is our turn to pass on a Legacy of Hope to our children and grandchildren,” said Father Leo-Paul LeBlanc, pastor of St. Mary Parish in North Grafton and St. Philip Parish in Grafton, to parishioners at recent [...]

A pastor’s transparency inspires Sterling parish to give

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By Susan Bailey | Catholic Free Press Correspondent When Father James Steuterman, pastor of St. Richard’s in Sterling, first learned of the Legacy of Hope campaign, he was far from enthusiastic. “I was not happy about it, especially because it was a time when the latest eruption of the abuse scandal was happening,” he said. [...]

Beyond Analytics

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Maximizing Fundraising Analytics to Secure Leadership Gifts for Your Campaign Fundraising Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining and Donor Intelligence are all currently buzz words in the fundraising industry. Some believe these are a magic item that will make leadership gift efforts easy and formulaic. In fact, these tools are just a piece of the overall [...]

An Inspiring Homily on Giving

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This was given by the Rector of the Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta, GA, Rev. Msgr. Francis McNamee. The parish has raised over $21 million to date.

Year End Giving, Are You Prepared?

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As hard as it is to believe, Advent is almost here. Christmas and the end of 2017 are rapidly approaching, have you prepared a plan for year-end giving? Did you know that 30% of US annual giving happens in December? December 31st is the most generous day of the year with giving concentrated between noon [...]