🍀 You are in Luck! 🍀
GIG has a plan for you!

We think the luckiest thing you will do today is make a plan. After all, Luck is nothing without a plan and a purpose. And Guidance In Giving has the plan to help you achieve campaign success.

Our proven plan has remained viable for 25 years. It’s grown, it has changed with the times, and has been adapted for technology, but fundamentally, when a plan is sound, it stands the test of time.

So what’s the plan????? Well, luck plays no part in it!

Every GIG campaign, from the largest Archdiocese to the smallest parish, begins with a study. Without support, a campaign goes nowhere. Interviews with clergy and laypeople help define the course and nature of the campaign.

Once the study proves the campaign is supported, our on site directors insert themselves in to the life of the parish or diocese. Remember, that luck we were hoping for? We don’t need it when we have our finger on the pulse of the parish. Attending parish events, assisting in social and outreach ministries and living our Catholic life through regular Mass attendance allows GIG to become more than “the fundraisers”. We become recognized members of the parish, ready and eager to help.

Now that we know how each parish ticks, our individualized campaign plans come into action.

Have an aging population that can’t drive at night? Bring on the daytime receptions!

Have a parish filled with young families with crazy schedules? We live stream our events to view at your convenience!

Have a question on a weekend or the evening? Our directors’ cell phones and emails are published in all campaign materials!

Shepherding a multicultural parish? Parallel campaigns individualized by language and culture!

Finally, we know every family’s circumstances are different. We believe in equal sacrifice, not equal giving. By tailoring events and ask letters to the individual, we guide each gift to a level that is sacrificial, yet achievable.

As you see, there’s no luck needed when you have a plan!

If you’re feeling lucky you opened this email; and ready to learn more about the GIG plan, we are happy to help! Email us at kneville@guidanceingiving.com.