We all say it, New year, new you. Resolutions fail, but plans succeed. So we propose: New Year, New Plan.

Are your parishes feeling the lingering effects of COVID, of politics or the economy? The only thing certain in life is change. We have a plan to weather life’s changes; one that will provide stability no matter what the circumstances.

Make your needs clear. Parishioners want to help, and will. But they need to know what’s required.

Have a simple plan to fulfill the needs. An online giving platform is easy to set up and allows peace of mind for the parishioners. Guidance In Giving calls our plan for increasing online offertory users The Path Forward, and it works!

Keep up the gentle reminders and praise successes! Human nature being what it is, it’s never enough to say it once. Repetition is key. Use gentle print and media reminders, pulpit announcements applauding progress toward the goal, and host a parish celebration for success.

Remember those media reminders we keep bringing up? Make an engaged and active media presence a part of your New Year’s Plan and your Path Forward. Social media messaging allows engagement wherever and whenever it’s read; not just on Sundays.

If the last 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that while the world constantly changes, our Faith, our love for our Church and our desire to support our Church does not. Allow your parishioners the chance to show that support as we all celebrate our New Year and the Path Forward.