Dear Friend,

Recently, you received a letter from Mike Cusack announcing some changes in our organization as we complete our 25th anniversary as a firm. I am honored to have accepted the role of CEO of Guidance in Giving, Inc. and I want to first thank Mike for his extraordinary leadership for the last 25 years as Chairman and CEO. Beyond his leadership, I want to also thank him for his friendship and faith in me and in our team, as we go forward in the years ahead.

I began this journey with the founding of our firm in March of 1997, and I’ve watched and participated as we’ve learned to grow and develop as an organization. But never have I been more excited than I am now. As a dynamic Catholic development firm, we have never been better. We have managed to attract and retain, (even through the last few tumultuous years), our best team ever. We are fresh, we are innovative, we are taking chances, and we are rewriting the script.

We are already specializing in ways we never thought possible, be it through our “create, don’t translate” Spanish language model, our individualized leadership gift methodology, or through our intensive social/digital/print media strategies, that take campaign messaging beyond the bulletin and truly to our people. We are asking our team to be superlative, and they are delivering!

The message I leave you with is this: “I thank you for the faith you have shown us for 25 years and I welcome the next 25, and all they will bring, as we do our small part in contributing to His Church on earth. Come see what GIG can do!”

Michael V. Goodwin
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Michael V. Goodwin
Michael V. GoodwinChief Executive Officer
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Michael V. Goodwin is a native of Annapolis, MD. He attended Valley Forge Military Junior College where he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army (Infantry). After his commissioning he went on to receive his BA in Business Management from Loyola College in Baltimore. Michael and his wife, Christine, have two grown children, Rachel and Colin. Michael resides in Memphis, TN where he and Christine are managing The Diocese of Memphis’ Capital Campaign.

He has been involved with fundraising for Catholic parishes, schools and diocese since 1992. Michael was appointed CEO of Guidance In Giving in September 2021. Michael enjoys sports and is an avid fisherman.