Learn how we engage Multicultural communities

Guidance In Giving is proud to offer our Hispanic & Multi-Cultural Division. Over the last two decades, our firm has witnessed the growth of Spanish speaking Catholics in the United States and recognized the need to increase our service to this vital segment of our Catholic family.

We focus on each multicultural communities’ strengths and have developed both a roadmap to success for parishes that have a multicultural community to and a “Create, Not Translate” approach which benefits your community through:

  • Material that meets communities where they are
  • Better connection between parish leadership and multicultural community
  • Efficient use of our parish and diocesan staff


Throughout the years we have noticed too much time, effort, and manpower is wasted by translating words instead of getting the message across effectively and creatively. In the last two years, we have helped parishes find better ways to speak to the hearts of their multicultural communities, and this approach has not only raised more money, it has helped bring communities together with a sense of pride and ownership, and has left the parishes better off after a campaign.

Please see our recorded seminar “Beyond Translation” below and contact us to learn how we can help your multicultural community succeed.