presentationGuidance In Giving, Inc. offers its parish clients full-service campaign direction that is customized to the needs of each community. The firm understands that today’s pastor faces many challenges. The challenges involve not only meeting the spiritual needs of his parishioners, but also the temporal needs of his parish. By designing and implementing an organized campaign plan, Guidance In Giving, Inc. aims to effectively use the time of pastors, parish staff and lay leadership to achieve the maximum financial potential. Our full- time, on-site service alleviates the worry that is sometimes associated with a fundraising campaign and allows parish leadership to concentrate on its most important mission, that of serving its people.

In a successful Stewardship-based Capital Campaign, every Catholic family is challenged to give prayerfully and proportionately to the best of their financial ability over a period of three to five years. Each and every gift is vitally important; therefore, a key element of the campaign is to provide everyone the opportunity to make their financial decision after they have learned about the parishs needs and had all of their questions answered. The most effective manner of educating each parish family and raising the maximum amount of funds is through personal education and solicitation. These personal solicitations can be done via visitation as well as small and large group receptions. These are the most commonly employed and most successful methods of raising funds.