Congratulations to St. Joseph Parish in Marietta, GA, a vibrant bilingual community comprising 5,000 families, successfully completed a transformative fundraising initiative in June 2024. With an initial goal of $5.5 million, the parish exceeded expectations by raising over $6.8 millions (over 3 times offertory). This remarkable achievement reflects the strong dedication and generosity of its members.

The funds raised will facilitate several key projects essential for the parish’s growth and enhancement. These include the construction of a new rectory to better serve the clergy and parish administration, the expansion of the parish parking lot to accommodate increasing attendance, the development of a playfield and soccer field to foster community engagement and youth activities, and the revitalization of the church to provide an uplifting worship environment.

The success of this fundraising campaign underscores the unity and commitment of St. Joseph Parish, Marietta, as it continues to meet the evolving needs of its expanding community.
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