At the core of every campaign conducted by Guidance In Giving, Inc. is the principle of Christian Stewardship. Whether it be a parish or diocesan campaign for stewardship, capital, annual appeal, or for Catholic School Fund Development, the tenants put forth in the National Catholic Bishop’s letter, “Stewardship, A Disciples Response,” are the basis of every request to individuals, corporations, or foundations for support. Educating and encouraging Catholics to return in proportion what God has freely given them is integral to making stewardship a way of life for the Church as it moves into the next millennium. An area of specialty for Guidance In Giving, Inc. is establishing stewardship in multi-cultural parishes. The face of the Catholic Church in the United States continues to change as it includes people from all over the globe. Involving Catholics of all races, ages and cultures in the activity and support of the Church is critical to the continued celebration of the living Christ in parishes and missions throughout the United States.

As part of the services offered by Guidance In Giving, Inc., a booklet to assist immigrants with the American Catholic tradition of giving has been written by Carlos Proaño, Vice-President. In the booklet, entitled “”El Don de Dar”, “The Gift of Giving”,” Mr. Proaño discusses the concept of being a true steward of faith with time, talent, and treasure and his own experience as an immigrant to the United States. Based on this personal experience, and his work as a consultant to multi-cultural parishes and dioceses, he has developed methods that encourage stewardship in all cultures as one, whole in the Body of Christ. This book, written entirely in Spanish, is available for $5.

If your parish or diocese would like more information on the Stewardship services of Guidance In Giving, Inc., the book “El Don de Dar” or any other aspect of our service, please go to our Contacts page to get in touch with one of our executives.

“This is the second time that my parish and I have participated in a campaign directed by Guidance In Giving, the first being the Diocesan Journey in Faith conducted in 2000. Both campaigns were highly successful for our parish and the Diocese. I commend your firm and would recommend it to any entity seeking direction for their capital campaign.”
Fr. Joseph Pellegrio, Pastor, St. Ignatius of Antioch, Tarpon Springs, FL