RoseGarden&StJosephThe world of Catholic Philanthropy is constantly changing.  New methods, new tax rules, new planned giving vehicles, and ever changing best practices within the sector, require a constant review and evaluation of a Stewardship and Development Office’s practices and procedures.  Guidance In Giving offers a diocesan service to help evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall operation of an office and the individual programs operated within.  Based on its experience in working with over 50 dioceses across the country since 1997, combined with the most recent data from various research organizations and resources, Guidance In Giving can provide a valuable service, as a diocese strives to position itself with the most effective tools for its mission advancement.

The Office of Stewardship and Development is usually the only office that brings in revenue to support vital ministries, services and programs throughout the diocese; your office is the key to the long-term stability of the diocese.  Therefore, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your stewardship and development office, and your future needs, will enhance your efforts.