Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Every Church

Simple steps to help you guide your flock more
effectively this year



Happy New Year from all of us at Guidance in Giving! Whether you are one of our past or current partners in development, or you are exploring ways to improve your parish or diocese, here are our Seven New Year’s Resolutions we believe every church can benefit from!

1. Conduct a Census 

The most common issue in parishes and dioceses is bad data. And bad data leads to flawed communication, which leads to frustration at both the church and parishioner level. Conduct a parish-wide census and update your parishioner contact information.

2. Upgrade Your Communication Style

Once we have conducted your census, and updated your parish or diocesan database with GIG’s proven tools, it is now time to put that data to good use. We can no longer use the bulletin as our primary marketing tool. Our modern parishioners need an easily accessible, digital portal with consistently updated information. Our websites, social media, and bulk email mediums are crucial in reaching our flocks. Working with GIG to train your staff on best practices for modern communication will allow your parishioners seamless access to the life of the church.

3. Advertise Your Changes and Introduce Redundancy in Messaging

Once we have your website, social and digital media flowing seamlessly, the next step is to encourage signups! Use the power of the pulpit to educate your parishioners about the exciting new communication portals. Remind them this will be their best tool to stay connected. Then, remember that redundancy in messaging is key. Using our multiple mediums, and repeating messaging over a period of weeks, will serve to attract, engage and retain the attention of not just the core group, but also new volunteers eager to step up for ministries, events and social outreach opportunities.

4. Create a Stewardship Report

The new year often coincides with the creation of a stewardship report. Allow your parishioners a peek behind the curtain. They may be surprised at what they learn. Creating a transparent channel of communication allows for trust and trust builds relationships. We at GIG are happy to discuss best practices for annual reporting.

5. Encourage Recurring Online Giving

We’ve refined your data, upgraded your communication, and educated the flock as to the inner workings of the church. Now, we find ourselves looking to the support of the parish or diocese.

Simply enabling recurring online giving immediately provides a boost in offertory. But is that enough?

6. Conduct an Offertory Increase Campaign

Often, parishes and dioceses know they need to increase weekly giving. But they are unclear as to how to make it happen. We at GIG are happy to discuss our Increased Offertory Campaigns. Conducted over a series of weeks, our plan will dramatically increase your offertory giving through education and ease of giving.

7. Look to the Present and Future Needs of the Church

Finally, take the new year to consider the present and future needs of your parish or diocese. Are there needs that require funding above and beyond that of the offertory or annual appeal? Guidance in Giving is here to help. Our proven 25 year track record of successful Catholic Fundraising allows us to assist you at every level, from parish to diocese to Catholic school.

As you ponder your church’s new year, know that we are here to help. From complimentary consultations, to virtual, part time, or full time onsite service, we are only a phone call away.

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