Project Description

The success of this diocesan campaign, raising over $32.5 million, with all the obstacles and challenges introduced by the Covid-19 pandemic over the last two and a half years, is nothing short of miraculous.  Led by the efforts of Bishop McManus, the pastors and administrators of the various parishes, diocesan and parish leaders and volunteers and, of course the donors and parishioners who gave their time, talent and treasure, the diocesan family of Worcester was not only able to meet, but ultimately surpass its goal.  Guidance In Giving is honored to have had the opportunity as Counsel in providing direction and engagement throughout the entire campaign process from the initial feasibility study through the ultimate success of this historic campaign.

As of August 2022, parishes have received $7,230,798 back in parish shares.  These funds are improving parish life throughout Worcester County as church properties are being renovated, ministries and service programs funded and the mission of the Catholic Church continues.