A Plan for Increased Engagement

Ah, Summer. Vacations, BBQ, Family, Friends. But what about Mass? Every summer, we see a decline in Mass attendance. It is a fact of life that our parishioners, well, have a life. And that life often takes them outside our walls for some or all of the summer months. While we wish them well, we also begin to worry. We worry about the Summer Slump and its effect on our finances.

Well, worry no more. After living this phenomenon in our own Faith lives and in our own parishes, we determined we need a solution to the slump. We need a way to encourage Summer attendance and, of course, summer giving.

Our thoughts….

While we may be geographically distant, we still want to remain in the know about our parish events. Digital and social media for the win! Sending out a weekly digital newsletter and posting a few times on social media give parishioners a chance to feel connected, no matter where they are.

The crowds may be smaller, but those who remain in town need Church events. With the rising costs of both gas and groceries, we may see more families choosing to “staycation” this year. But regardless of the number, we still need to provide quality programming for those who remain. Remember that digital and social media we are promoting? Link those who aren’t in town with those who are and keep the parish as one happy family.

Finally, the summer slump affects the parish offertory as well. And yes, once again, I’m pointing you towards the digital. Did you know that every family who converts to recurring online giving raises the gross offertory of the church even if they do not increase their weekly donation at all!

A consistent, recurring digital gift allows our families to travel, visit neighboring parishes, or livestream Mass while still supporting the parish financially.

How do we convert our parish to online giving? We have a plan for that! Ask us about our digital engagement and recurring giving plans. We provide you with the tools you need to increase all of your digital engagement and recurring giving in our easy to follow 4-6 week plans. Coupled with our expert support, these plans will have you out of the Summer Slump in no time!