Many Languages, One Church
Multicultural Engagement is Paramount for Our Church Family

The face of the Church is ever changing and ever evolving. One thing that doesn’t change is our parish as our home and our fellow parishioners as our family. But what happens when members of our family speak different languages? How do we communicate? How do we stay connected in our unconnected world?

The key to connection is understanding. And how do we strive to understand? The first step in understanding is communication across the language barrier.

We call this our “Create, Don’t Translate” model. Experience has shown us it’s not enough to simply translate a message into Spanish and expect it to resonate. Things like wording, euphemisms and cultural norms need to be taken into account.

This is why every campaign we conduct is assigned directors with the specific skills and knowledge to craft our messaging in every language. Events look different depending on the culture and preferences of the audience. By working with our parish leaders in every language, we are able to customize your campaign to your parish.

And remember that connection we talked about? Building bridges across the language barrier is often accomplished through thoughtful invitation. Having a celebration for a traditional Spanish Feast Day? Announce the event in all the Masses, regardless of language, and encourage all to attend. Hosting a parish event? Be sure to send out information and invitations in all languages and coordinate with leaders from the Spanish community to bolster attendance.

Here at GIG, we know we are all one Church Family, regardless of which language our worship is in. When you are ready for a campaign that connects your parish and communicates effectively in every language, we are here and ready to serve.