Fundraising is not a simple math equation. Especially when discussing fundraising within a culturally diverse community. Whereas math is applied universally, language is NOT.
So, why is it that parishes and dioceses continue to translate their materials and information word for word?
For decades we have seen parishes translate messaging and homilies practically word for word. And, when invited to finance, pastoral, or building committees, both diocesan and parochial, we note one of the main concerns is the lack of participation by the multicultural communities. We know that’s not a coincidence.
The solution: Creating content instead of simply translating. Considering cultural norms and traditions. Expressing the message in a way that includes idioms, politics and, perhaps most importantly, humor, all specific to the audience hearing it.
And yes, we are aware this is easier said than done. We understand the difficulty in translating content, let alone trying to create new creative content. But we also know it is now an imperative as we continue to become an increasingly diverse Church.
If we are tired of receiving the minimum from our multicultural communities, then we must do more than the minimum when creating content for them.
Guidance in Giving has a solution to the minimum. We call it our “Create, Don’t Translate” approach. While it’s not as perfect as solving a balanced math equation, it provides a plan to express the message, engage the community, and enhance the level of support.
We are here to help. As you guide your flock, allow us to guide your giving.